Monday, November 29, 2010

Paper Boats

Remember when,
You made
Paper boats
And named them
After me?
Black & white
Like the world
We knew.
The newspaper print
It stained
Our fingers grey.
Yours from folding
And mine
From holding yours.

Monday, November 22, 2010

When I was a child I believed in prayers, believed without doubts. I believed that if I prayed hard enough I could lose weight before the next sunrise, top a subject I hated, have rainbows and sunshine if I prayed hard enough and more. I believed till I was 18 and then skepticism and cynicism reared rebelliously , or maybe it was reality intruding. Whatever the case now I raise my hands in prayer intermittently but I lack the total conviction I had or I convince myself halfway that I don't really need whatever I asked for. Self defense some would say, whatever the rationalization, I want the belief back... and I want it answered....

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Or you want it any other way?

Majal hai keh when a five year old is singing, dancing, running, jumping, swooping in for sudden, gentle kisses, alphabet spelling your incorrectly spelled mithun poster ("m....a.....t....h...a...n"), pretending your calculator is a phone ("HELLOOOOOOO!! AWAAAAZ AARAHHII HAAAAAII?"), crayoning drawings for you, randomly breaking into pushto (their neighbours are pathan), wanting to watch the same 'pink panter' DVD for the zillionth time, putting the three stuffed animals in your room to bed ("babies sojaooo"), giggling, snuggling into your side when you're asleep, being enchanted when you tent a sheet over his head, vrooming a toy truck around your feet hawking imaginary food, doing the twist with you to the pink panther theme song and asking 'kyooooooon' about everysinglething in the world from highlighters to how many is 172.. 

Majal hai keh the world should revolve around anything else, or you want it any other way?

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

on my way to office today i saw a young man in his car, poking and punching the air above the steering wheel, shaking his head peacock-pigeon style to the music while waiting for the traffic lights to change. i remembered an older post where i could only see sad, lost faces all around and i was thinking, what has happened to my city? i've been smiling a lot these days but looking at him really made me grin. and i was thinking, again, has something happened to my city? or is it just that we see happiness when we have it inside us?