Thursday, September 2, 2010

I be you.

... I 
want to take your breath away like a secret 
present unto me alone, be the well of your happinesses 
I want to call you when I hurt, look up into your 
eyes when I wake, take your tears and turn them into 
laughter I want to be 
the only one you see when I enter a room 
the one you call first with the good news 
the keeper of your secrets, the treasurer of 
your soul, I want you to be 
the light in my eyes, the lilt 
in my voice...


Mehvish said...

WOW - That's all I can say for this post.. I'm speechless girl. You are so good with words.

Keep it up.

And I loved the picture in this blog post, copying it =D

Absar Shah said...

That's really beautiful :)

Divaa Divine said...

can i sigh on :)

nikita said...

beautiful !!!!

so many posts all in look really happy and in love too...

wats cooking gal !!!