Saturday, June 19, 2010

Shes Still A Little Girl

She stands alone in the middle of nowhere.
All alone with no one to care.
She does not let anything come near her,
Or let any emotions touch her.

For she had a door,
A door of detestation to shields her.

All she wants is to be a superwoman,
Superwoman with a heart of stone,
Yet unaware of what to do with all those undisclosed desires,
Desires of her knight in the shining armor.

She is the strongest one in front of everyone;
But when alone she cries like a baby for the smallest of thing.
She will pretend to be the wisest & Miss “Know it all”
Though secretly she knows she’s got lots to learn.
She takes care of everyone while she curbs her soul desire of getting pampered,being loved.
She wants to be all grown up and be "the" woman but she still is "a" little girl.


Vanessa said...

Love the photos-- and love Priscilla Ahn, too!

Palwasha N. Minhas said...

And I love you !!