Friday, June 18, 2010

No more lolling :(

Palshu says: yo !
Palshu says: helluuss
The chussarh says: heyys! kaissi hay
Palshu says: set set
The chussarh says: 27th. You and l will unite. Again. 
Palshu says: Omigashh !! *dance dance* lol
The chussarh says: ;)
Palshu says: lol
The chussarh says: What were you doing? 
Palshu says: kooooch nai. lol

The chussarh is inviting you to start sending webcam. Do you want to Accept (Alt+C) or Decline (Alt+D) the invitation?

You have accepted the invitation to start sending webcam.

Palshu says: :D
The chussarh says: Areey meri bachiiiiii !! You look so tired. Manhoos kajal keyun nahi lagaya hai? 
Palshu says: I is too tired to even wash my face. lol
The chussarh says: Itna andheera keyun hai?
Palshu says: No light, yeh Pakistan hai, janiiiii light chale jaeey tou ana bhool jatee hai lol
The chussarh says: :/
Palshu says: :P :D lol 
The chussarh says:  baqi sab kaisay hain??
Palshu says: Set, dance kar rahay hain. lol 
The chussarh says: Oh wow! Konsa song? 
Palshu says: Zindage - kites lol
The chussarh says: Ask them to practice some fit dance. We'll dance together ;)
Palshu says: yeah yeah sure. lol
The chussarh says:  tu bhee karay gee, last time ki tarha kutapana dikha ker bistar per na mar jana iss time. I'm telling you!!
Palshu says: lol lol lol :P dance with you? okay lol
The chussarh says: LUL
Palshu says: lulzz
The chussarh say: kuti l hate LOL 
Palshu says: Saves time ;)
The chussarh says:  yaar.. saves time? ACHH.
Palshu says: lol
The chussarh says: YOU HAVE BEEN USING IT IN EVERY SINGLE SENTENCE !! What is wrong with you!!!! 
Palshu says: I don't know. :( Aadat hogae hai :/
The chussarh says: bas kar doh adat ki bachi
Palshu says: lol 
The chussarh says: :@ ab LOL kia naa phir dekhna :@
Palshu says: lol oh okay

The chussarh is appear offline. 

Kia ? :/


Maliha Haider said...

Palshaaaaaaaaaa and Chussaarrhh :D

I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeettttttttttthhhh this post.. That's all I want to say .. I was so darn upset over nothing and now I am smiling : )

Stay together hamesha Motii and chussarhh : )

Sami Saayer said...


mao said...


Maryam Zahoor... said...


waisay i can imagine how annoying it could have gotten for The Chussarh