Friday, June 18, 2010

The Freaky Uncle !! O.o

Okay, So I'm walking in the park like I do almost everyday. And this uncle, I'd be better to call him Nana jee (Grandfather) passes me on the walking track and smiles at me. Making me wonder if I know him, is he some random neighbour of mine that I dont remember. Or could be my friends Nana/Uncle/Father. Anyways so on the next round when I pass him again I ignore him. Third time he stops and starts talking to me. here is how the conversation goes : 

Freaky Budha (Old guy) : Why you not smile? 

Yours truely : Excuse me? 

Freaky Budha (Old guy) why (pause) you (pause) not (pause) smile ? 

Yours truely : Umm. 'Cause I don't think I know you. 

Freaky Budha (Old guy) : So I have been watching you here from past few months. So u like walking. So why you not jog?

Yours truely : this point i slowly start backing away) 

Freaky Budha (Old guy) : (looks me up and down) You look good. Why walking? and so why you walk alone?

Yours truely : en.... (and I'm walking away...) 

Freaky Budha (Old guy) : (calling after me...) You should listen to music while walking. You should also move your arms... it gives you good thrust! 



mao said...

oh. my. god.

so. hilarious.

of course, not for you...dude you must have liked pee-ed in you walking pants....did you jog away from him fast?

Palwasha N. Minhas said...

lol I wasn't really scared. But found him really ajeeb.

Anonymous said...

I love the way you write, its so witty =)

Palwasha N. Minhas said...

I'm glad. :)

Sami Saayer said...

what? he was just giving you company... that too in English!

Kanwalful said...

WOAH. Super creepy!

Taimur said...

U should have listened to him. Bechara! I feel pitty for him