Friday, May 21, 2010

Why O Why?

I'm sad. I'm very very very sad.Why you ask, just finished watching the two hour season finale of Grey's Anatomy. What a jaw-dropping finale. *sigh* Couldn't she (Shonda) ever do a happy season finale. Why happy things were not happening to happy people in the happy finale. Huh? 

Last season Jeorge died, My poor jeorge. He was THE most entertaining and cute guy on the show. I miss him. lol yeah I do. And The Bitch almost killed MY McDreamy!! lol okay I heard you all, OUR mcdreamy, haey! Khair, he's saved, Thank God. But poor Meredith, she lost the baby. But I guess its better, infact WAY better than losing a husband. Easier said than done you say. NO! seriously ! From me its completely okay. In any case I'd always choose my husband over a baby. I know most of you would not agree but c'mon isn't he the man who's the reason you are even having one? Babies are the bonus from God. If you have one you're BLESSED! But if you don't, theres nothing to be sad about. Your lifes already complete with your other half. Waisy bhi, guys are no less than babies. lol What am I talking about :S Back to greys. 

Haey!! i love love love Mark ! lol  bechara doesn't get Lexie back. But hes hot he'll get someone better. khekhekhe. Cristina and Owen(i HATE this man) got back together, and so does Callie and Arizona.. yay. I love I love. lol. Wait :/ what is this? It isn't a sad ending, yeah its not. Not at all. Just a part of it was sad. But it's a happy ending!! Wah! See, I had to write it to get it all in my head. Hmm. I love how random this post is. I think I should continue being random. Suits me. heh!  No? Chalo theek hai. 


Divaa Divine said...

wow what a why o why similarity in our post - althouh contest is totally different :)