Saturday, May 1, 2010


It's strange how someone can unknowingly say something that makes you sit up and think. It describes everything that you're going through and at the same time tells you exactly what you need to do. Funny thing is that although they're always eye openers 'easier said than done' still holds!


rjanet said...

There are so many times when that happens. I agree!!

emzee said...


congrats! you are now on! :)
and so am i :P


Maliha Haider said...

It happens..

Do you too try to be Unknown Mentor for others?

Anonymous said...

The blessing.

immi said...

I do when i observe that a person needs an advise or he wants to know the solution to his problems.


I missed you <3 . Happy birthday Palshu!

I see you changed your number with out informing me =)
Removed me from the followers list.
But i can understand..
Because I know its not over yet. It will never be this easily =)

Stay in touch its been a while and emptiness in the heart is turning out to be an infant cancer (again) .

I don't know how much longer will any of us live. But the time we have, should be focused on to doing some thing positive, together.

The blessing.

Nikita said...

Its true....and its even great to have someone like dat in ur life for always..