Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I 'lol' too much!

I actually do.I realize it but cant stop.but why do I do it. I'm trying to figure it out as I type this and slowly slowly, lol, am understanding it. I put in one 'lol' for every time I smile or grin when typing.lol. sounds corny but *sigh*
I was thinking ke even when im upset, if u get me talking, ill be telling u about the issue and ill crack into smiles occasionally. Does that mean im addicted to smiling? I just cannot talk without smiling. This is serious.
Does this mean I can never look genuinly sad.lol... I'm desperatly trying to make this sound serious.Failing.

I remeber a few traumatic days last month when, after crying my eyes out and not knowing what turn my life would take(seriously), i still managed to smile about something. I rememebr a friend saying "for someone who's in a shitty situation, ur pretty upbeat". Kiya karoon..sitting around crying is boring...not getting my way this way or that.. I might as well enjoy myself while things are hopeless.

So my 'lol's' are a part of me. I will never let anything drag me down, because God always has something planned for us and coping is easier when you think that everything happens for a reason and that maybe it was for the best. "har cheez mein maslihat hai"...i live by this statement! No matter where ,when or how I am...an 'lol' will always squeeze through!

Ps.I would like to add that I'm extremely lucky to have amazing friends who make it easier for me to 'lol' successfully!



Razz said...

Lolcats are the best! And this picture is awesome! :)

Maliha Haider said...

smiles and smiles.. You are a people's woman.. Life is good, you see!

: )

Sourav C. Pandey said...

Blessed with this lol and lol-inducing friends.. keep them good always! :)

A smile fixes any issue, just read the illustration here. Had a nice smile after reading the post .. Thank you! :)

Love - beyond realms!! :)

Maliha Haider said...

Smiling and laughing are catharsis tactics.. but sometimes I overtly react on extremely painful experiences and issues, and I burst into laughing. DUH.. I concluded, it's kind of some emotional disorder I guess.

But still, that's way better, laughing idiotically in the crowd instead of crying in the corner with none around.

P.S: Connecting to my Rikshaw riding thought, it was needed to be elaborated further :)

Palwasha N. Minhas said...

Thank you everyone. You guys make me smile more :D

Maliha baji: yeh to munna bhai mbbs k dean jaisa scene maloom hota hai :P Get yourself cheeeecked !!

I love you. :D

Anonymous said...

Yes too much sadness... syndromes of madness.. they'll crack you deep and you'll practice smiling more than ever.

2ndly love all Friends? Se-he-he-riously?