Saturday, May 29, 2010


My Nana (Grandfather) couldn't even recognize me today.. I knew that he wasn't feeling well from last month but didn't know that things were this serious. He wanted to meet all of his children. He called my mom today. He looked so weak. As if he has been starving since months. She just couldn't stop her  tears from falling when she saw him. 

Am trying not to worry, but it's not easy.

I need all of you to please pray for him.


Saaleha said...

It hurts to see a grandparent in so much pain. I was in your situation just last year. I feel for you. Hope he feels better soon. :)

On the bright side, I love your layout! Where'd you get it? :D

Pixie said...

Inshallah he'll get better and Allah will grant you and your family sabr. Read a fateha for you after reading this

Anonymous said...

i pray for him to get well soon as possible..
and i changed my blog template again :P

emzee said...

:( may Allah give him patience and health.

Maliha Haider said...

I have gone through these traumatic phases .. I know how it feels!

Maula unka saya tum per hamesha salamat rakhay. Ameen.