Saturday, May 29, 2010


My Nana (Grandfather) couldn't even recognize me today.. I knew that he wasn't feeling well from last month but didn't know that things were this serious. He wanted to meet all of his children. He called my mom today. He looked so weak. As if he has been starving since months. She just couldn't stop her  tears from falling when she saw him. 

Am trying not to worry, but it's not easy.

I need all of you to please pray for him.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Missing you something awful today..


It's been five years, BabaDearest, since you've been gone.

Five years and there have been moments, many moments when you gave me signs that you are ok. I have felt your presence in my life in ways that have awed me and comforted my soul.

Five years and you have shown us so clearly, so perfectly that we must carry on and continue; that we must laugh and live.

Five years, my beloved BabaDearest, since you've been gone and it still hurts like hell...sometimes more.

Five years, since the world has changed...forever.

Baba. My favourite 'B' word. I miss you so. We miss you so much. More than you ever thought possible.

Love forever and ever and ever,
Your devoted Betis.


Diva D
She's one of my FAVORITE blogger !! 

Just for thee.

Run your fingers through my soul. For once, just once, feel exactly what I feel, believe what I believe, perceive as I perceive, look, experience, examine, and for once, just once, understand.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Way I See It # 4

When someone asks you, 
"when is it that you smiled the last time.?"
 you should be able to reply,
 "just a second ago."
Keep smiling.. Because you are worth it..

Happy Birthday, My Foreigner !

Okay, I know its not 12 there, as yet. But main kia karun?! Its 12:20 am here in Pakistan already. And I want to be the first one to wish you on your big day as alway! 

Happy Birthday to the most AMAZING  man I've ever known in my entire life. I love you ! Always and forever, my best friend, my pillar, my utha-oer of nakhras and getter of my jokes, the one who makes everything all right with just a word. The person who's ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS there for me. The person who never complains. The person who knows how to make the best of what life has to offer. I'm SO happy that you are in my life. What would I do without you? I know I'm such an ass and do awful things at times (okay most of the times) but you know I love you right? Anyone who knows you loves you! I can say that without any doubts. C'mon its been more than 6 years.

We'll celebrate our next birthdays together :D Jalde ajaoww na yaawwr :P (yeah right you should be the one saying this) 2011 Come, already !! 

Have an amazing amazing day! Couldn't call because I'm out of credits(yes like always). But I know you'll call at 12 your time! Will wish baki then. 


Monday, May 24, 2010

FML Moment.

Dear God,


Girl talk - overheard and said ;)

You know...?
i knowwww..!!
SO annoying
ayehaye :P
i hate him!!
i HATE HER!!!!
kya museebat/bakwaas hai!

khudahafiz. *runs away*

Are You Friggin Kidding Me?!?!

WARNING: The following post is about something I read online today that left me sick and shaking with rage for almost the whole day. It may do the same to you. So why am I writing about it? Because we all have children at home whom we love and would do anything to protect. Because I think that we have a responsibility to each other and we need to let each other know what kind of sick crap there is out there, ready to corrupt  innocent minds.

I read with absolute HORROR, in fact 'horror' doesn't even begin to describe what I'm feeling, about this video game created in Japan called RapeLay...a 3D 'rape simulator' video game where one gets to pretend to be a sexual predator and test out his 'raping skills' on a mom and her two teenage daughters!!!!!!

It has been banned in Japan...thankfully! But, unfortunately, found its way into Pakistan and India.

It freaks the shittin' daylights out of me, the world is full of bad people, freaks, paedophiles and wackos who think it's okay to create a video game where you can rape a woman and her daughters repeatedly until you break them to the point where they are willing to become your sex slaves.

Its hard to imagine the level of consciousness such people who design, manufacture and sell such appalling stuff,have.

What a shitty shitty world.

God. I am so scared.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


If the world had an ass, I'd be kicking it right now. grrr.

Morning, lol

Its 5:30 in the morning and I'm still up. I haven’t slept all night for the third time this week, I don’t mind. The only issue I have is being tired on the periphery the next day, and when I don’t speak everyone thinks I’m being moody. Not-speaking is an unusually beautiful thing. You sift the shit from the real stuff, become invisible in a way. Not using your voice makes your eyes bigger to see, your ears wider to listen..

P.S. No, I'm not Dark and Twisty. Emm hm.


Why is it so quiet? *looks here and there*. Where are the crickets? The shadows? My companions in the dark?

Un-Blindfold Me

The 'good ones' are all either taken , gay , or assholes. But we still fall for them. The rest are the 'great ones', but we don't know that till its too late.You'd think we'd learn, but nooooooo, not us!
We're busy waiting for the assholes.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Why O Why?

I'm sad. I'm very very very sad.Why you ask, just finished watching the two hour season finale of Grey's Anatomy. What a jaw-dropping finale. *sigh* Couldn't she (Shonda) ever do a happy season finale. Why happy things were not happening to happy people in the happy finale. Huh? 

Last season Jeorge died, My poor jeorge. He was THE most entertaining and cute guy on the show. I miss him. lol yeah I do. And The Bitch almost killed MY McDreamy!! lol okay I heard you all, OUR mcdreamy, haey! Khair, he's saved, Thank God. But poor Meredith, she lost the baby. But I guess its better, infact WAY better than losing a husband. Easier said than done you say. NO! seriously ! From me its completely okay. In any case I'd always choose my husband over a baby. I know most of you would not agree but c'mon isn't he the man who's the reason you are even having one? Babies are the bonus from God. If you have one you're BLESSED! But if you don't, theres nothing to be sad about. Your lifes already complete with your other half. Waisy bhi, guys are no less than babies. lol What am I talking about :S Back to greys. 

Haey!! i love love love Mark ! lol  bechara doesn't get Lexie back. But hes hot he'll get someone better. khekhekhe. Cristina and Owen(i HATE this man) got back together, and so does Callie and Arizona.. yay. I love I love. lol. Wait :/ what is this? It isn't a sad ending, yeah its not. Not at all. Just a part of it was sad. But it's a happy ending!! Wah! See, I had to write it to get it all in my head. Hmm. I love how random this post is. I think I should continue being random. Suits me. heh!  No? Chalo theek hai. 

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Summer Lovin'

We tend to get so engrossed in doing absolutely nothing of any supreme importance, that we stop looking around us at the sky slowly turning into grey, giving his lover, monsoon, a chance to emerge in all her beauty. We forget to stop and just breathe, and make something magical out of the long hot summer days. Here’s something I saw on a friend’s site. What are the things I WILL try and accomplish this summer? 

I will sing and dance in the rain at least once, forgetting my dislike of icky wet clothes. 

I will continue this summer project started by my friend.

I will enjoy the wedding season to the max, and dance away-I only live once. 

I will spend at least 2 rainy afternoons just sitting in my room with tea and the book of the moment.

I will make as many plans as I can with my lovely friends.

I will continue my yoga.

I will make ami happy, more often. 

I will think of how many ways I am more at peace at my current status. 

I will count my blessings.

I will try in my own little way to make people think, or question, or express.

I will pray more.

I will soak in family fun this summer.

I will start taking pictures of random things, again.

I will read more.

I will paint my room in my favorite color of the moment. 

I will wear all the bright colors, I always thought would not suit my skin tone.

I will eat lots of melon and falsas. 

I will do lots more, but for now, why dont you guys tell me what you will or won't do? 

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I 'lol' too much!

I actually do.I realize it but cant stop.but why do I do it. I'm trying to figure it out as I type this and slowly slowly, lol, am understanding it. I put in one 'lol' for every time I smile or grin when sounds corny but *sigh*
I was thinking ke even when im upset, if u get me talking, ill be telling u about the issue and ill crack into smiles occasionally. Does that mean im addicted to smiling? I just cannot talk without smiling. This is serious.
Does this mean I can never look genuinly I'm desperatly trying to make this sound serious.Failing.

I remeber a few traumatic days last month when, after crying my eyes out and not knowing what turn my life would take(seriously), i still managed to smile about something. I rememebr a friend saying "for someone who's in a shitty situation, ur pretty upbeat". Kiya karoon..sitting around crying is boring...not getting my way this way or that.. I might as well enjoy myself while things are hopeless.

So my 'lol's' are a part of me. I will never let anything drag me down, because God always has something planned for us and coping is easier when you think that everything happens for a reason and that maybe it was for the best. "har cheez mein maslihat hai"...i live by this statement! No matter where ,when or how I 'lol' will always squeeze through!

Ps.I would like to add that I'm extremely lucky to have amazing friends who make it easier for me to 'lol' successfully!


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Strength from you to me

I need strength. I need it now. I want it to flow from you to me. You forge a connection; hold hands. Warmth flows. Strengthens. Me. You.

Tears dry. Throats unchoke. Laughter returns. But the feel of your hand on mine remains forever.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Bestest Birthday Ever !

Hello everyone! I know I haven't been writing much these days, theres a lot happening in my life lately that I hardly get time to post anything but I do read all of your lovely blog, Promise!! I miss blogging more than anything.

Anyways, I have had the bestest birthday ever! Seriously I never knew birthdays could be this good ! All thanks to my Family and Friends. They threw an amazing surprise party for me, yeah for the first time ever :D I love you all so so so very much !

All of these balloons on the wall were filled with birthday wishes, cool na ? :D 


 And yaaay I have 56 followers :D you guys make me super happy !! Thank you all for lovely wishes. Happy reading, lovelies!!