Sunday, March 14, 2010

I wish..

sometimes i wish that there could be a sea of words
an ocean, a lake, any entity
in which i could swim and swim
when ever i felt the need to
it would be there, always there.
then one day perhaps when my bones are tired
i would wade in to the depths
and let them overcome me
words words words
letters and commas and spaces
i could read
every single book, every story,
every love letter in every language
soon my limbs and my bones
would form meanings of their own
and then, when i fall upon the shore
when my time is exhausted
and my life far gone
with my love bound with a lace ribbon
and my pages thin and tan,
no pictures, no sound,
(for we cannot have it all)

maybe, just maybe,
someone could read me.


Yahya said...

I wish you could say what you always feel and want to. It would be a paradise for anyone. But like many creatively-ill people you choose everyone to know but the person who it'd matter the most.

Anonymous said...

Assumptions lead you no where but towards another complicated riddle. Decisions in life never are riddles or some game where you can retry 'making up for someone' as many times you want for the damage you did.

Learning the power of communication is one of the most mature traits by man. If you're smart enough you'll know.
The picture in my head should be the picture in yours. Not by intuition, but by communication.

Not the least whats the point of 'The Skill' when One doesn't know how to use It effectively to elaborate The Message to others.
Silence on the other hand tells nothing but selfish, egoistic and Careless attitude. Use the tools wisely. You might be giving a wrong message perhaps (un)intentionally.

Anonymous said...

loved it!

Maliha Haider said...

'Thora Aur' and 'A little more' like desires always leave THIRST for more, deep down in your locked cage of heart.. More words.. more words.. more love.. more love.. more care.. more care.. more expressions.. more expressions.. more insight-Out.. more.... Kambakht Pyaas nahi bujhnay ki!

Like a bottom less pit.. gives you feel 'Always-empty', no matter how much you fill it with fulfilled yearnings!

Maliha Haider said...

Immi.. Agreed.. Though, you have talked on entirely different note!

You have to limit yourself for decisions.. And silence at times gives the mentioned meanings of egotism, insensitivity and lack of interest... One must vocal about feelings.. a bit louder infact!