Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Celebrating Womanhood - For the Woman She is


Her mind follows where her heart takes her.More than that, she knows where it leads to.Under the diamond-studded night sky, she pens down her childhood moments. Flippin' thru that college diary, her iris smirks watching her teenage crushs' name pass by. Her barbie house still makes her carefully attendant about the interiors of her own house. Her favorite crayon box is kept away hidden in the cupboard. Little things matter. She goes into details. And so, she makes you feel special- in every way you never knew you were- and smiles back more so often just to let us know, that she is there for you.


Daddy is her best friend. For she remembers the evenings when they both listened to Bon Jovi. The twinkle of the stars can make her phrase a song, just like that. She is a fitness freak, knowing it matters to carry oneself well to feel that extra tinge of goodness. The walls know that she is the only one who can splash exact colors on them more better than anyone.The flowers in the vase watch her lazy look in the Sunday mornings while she still cuddles up the linen on bed. Her cascade of tresses opens up like a waterfall make the nearby air intoxicating. And her obvious smile just draws the only curve that can set things straight.


Worlds changed around her. People changed. She changed too but emotions weren't turned into rust. She just wanted to runaway from things that held her back. She broke those chains of labels and typicality. She waited for him to return. With all faith and hope, her love never saw a winter fog. She still stands strong, facing against the winds of fallen poets. Her baby's cackle warms up her cold arms. She earned her survival more than the blasphemous beings uprising against them. The tears of joy she shed while you hit homerun, defines 'love' in an amazingly simplified way. Lunch and dinner never got a holiday for she made sure none of you missed it.


Deserves she.More than she gets.
Ought to have she.More than she has.
Selfless love is she.More than the verbiage in scripts.
Rise all to her.More tall than you can reach for.
Applaud her.More that you do cause it is her day.

Stand back.Take a bow.
For the hand that rocks the cradle.
Celebrating Womanhood.
For her,we will.

P.s. On this wonderful day of the International Women's Day, i just sat down to write down a tribute to the 'Woman' of today's world.Thoughts collected over instances sprawling all cliche situations that she has to encounter in her everyday life to little things that we overlook,i thought to gather it all.For all the women of today, its a salute from me for being all that you are.

Happy Women's Day.Let the world celebrate YOU.


Kanwalful said...

This is absolutely beautiful =)
Being a woman I'd like to thankyou for this appreciation =)

Btw, the comment you left on my blog - was it meant for me or for the person I wrote about?

Maliha Haider said...

: )

When you read it, it floats you up heavenly. The blog just delivered the feel, Palwasha..

Woman folds the very essence of strength in her fragile existence. This is unjust with her to carry such credence, but man goes luckily Fluky.

Cheers for being a most beautiful creature of God..
: )

Palwasha N. Minhas said...

:) Glad you guys liked it.

Maliha Haider said...

: ) .. I am more glad that you responded Palwasha..

In this very virtual world, we are connected with the knot of souls, and this connection shudders the both ends.. (If I see things from my end)

Stay Contented with what you have.
: )

Salemah Shah said...

you r dng a gr8 work. :)
m loving it.