Sunday, March 21, 2010

Would you..


If I am quite, would you walk away and think that I am arrogant?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Not so Thoughtful Thursday

I’m in a haze, a daze, with a mishmash of thoughts and emotions swirling in my head. There has been so much that has been happening.. good, bad, sad… that just can’t seem to find a mood to set up home in. Even for a few hours! So, I’m fairly certain that it will be reflected in the randomness of my thoughts this week, so please bear with me. 

These  kind of times are hugely contradictory… they drain you  physically and mentally yet those same moments give you the extra adrenalin to surge ahead. Is this making any sense? Maybe not… but penning it down seems to be making the situation better.

Writing, I’ve discovered, is therapeutic. It has always been my creativity outlet. It’s what relaxes me and comes somewhat effortlessly to me. Although these days, I find no greater challenge than trying to mix words with pleasure. Writer’s block is painful enough, but when you have too much to write about and suffer from cerebral constipation, it’s excruciating.

My left brain is not speaking to my right brain. I’m not sure if they are fighting or if it’s just a technical difficulty, a dropped signal. Whatever the case may be, I would like them to reopen the lines of communication. Because quite frankly, I can’t take the court jester in my head anymore. The one that keeps laughing hysterically as he slaps me upside the back of my skull with my own Moleskine. It’s not helping my creative writing juices to flow again. It’s simply causing a blood clot. I’m secretly wishing for brain hemorrhage to occur. To bleed it all out, so I can write it all out.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Paint me beautiful ! Part I

I HATE summers.The only thing I love about summers is 'colors' ! Green, yellow,coral, orange, pink, red and all the beauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutiful colors !! I've bought SO many colorful dresses for the season. :D Plus I'm completely, like TOTALLY in love with nail paints !!  It is the easiest thing you can do to accessorize your outfit, allowing you to stand out and create an unique difference. :D Love love love eth ! So, I'm going to post some of the colors I'm totally obsessed with aajkal. Oh no, wait! I'll post ALL THE COLORS. :D

I'd start with some of my ALL TIME FAVORITES !

okay now the current obsession !! :D These are such pretty colors !! Uffeth !

The list seems never ending haha. This is it for now. I'll post the others later. :D maybe tomorrow? who knows! I'm totally in love with anything colorful. Oh see my new blog layout ! colorful isn't it?

Monday, March 15, 2010

The Something Meme

Hello hello !! I hateeeeee mondays ! Don't know why.. but i don't like monday.. I've never liked them.. even when I don't have to get up early in the morning and have pretty much nothing special to do.. Anyways, was just going through some blog communities and saw this meme :D A meme is a set of actions or questions, in the form of a theme, that one addresses or focuses upon. Every monday they have something different as a theme !! Sounds fun na? :D 

Name something you do every day

Name something someone else calls you

Name something that irritates the heck out of you online.
Something that you badly wants and it gets cancelled after being 90% downloaded.

Name something that bugs the stuff out of you at a restaurant.
Screaming children and those weird noises people make while eating..

Name something you cannot tolerate at a store.
non existent customer service 

Name something you'd like to call your co-worker.
I don't work :D 

Name something that you hate about someone close to you.
Absolutely NOTHING ! 

Name something you don't like about your sibling.
*sigh* 24/7 haha hoho hehe :/ 

Name something you like about yourself.
The fact that I can cook so well :D 

Name something you would rather be doing right now.
Watching 'Dear John' but the print is so bakwas ! 

Name something that you'll be doing next week at this time.
Moday mayhem ? :D 

Join Us for Monday Mayhem

Sunday, March 14, 2010

I wish..

sometimes i wish that there could be a sea of words
an ocean, a lake, any entity
in which i could swim and swim
when ever i felt the need to
it would be there, always there.
then one day perhaps when my bones are tired
i would wade in to the depths
and let them overcome me
words words words
letters and commas and spaces
i could read
every single book, every story,
every love letter in every language
soon my limbs and my bones
would form meanings of their own
and then, when i fall upon the shore
when my time is exhausted
and my life far gone
with my love bound with a lace ribbon
and my pages thin and tan,
no pictures, no sound,
(for we cannot have it all)

maybe, just maybe,
someone could read me.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Silly Little Thing..

The heart is a silly little thing sometimes isn't it? Doesn't always know what it wants, and other time wants what it knows that it cannot have! But what can you do, all the reasoning in the world will not make it change its 'mind'!

The brain is such a silly thing sometimes isn't it? Just cant find the answer to an insolvable equation, and other times chooses scenarios which seem rational but just wont make you happy! But what can you do, all the feelings in the world wont change the answer to the question!

Sometimes girls are such silly little things... They want things so badly but cant find a way of obtaining them, and other times just cant learn to accept the things that are reality. But what can you do, this is the world that we live in and we dont always end up doing the right thing or being happy!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Way I See It # 3

"Perspective is the difference between
 going after the things that make you happy
 and going after happiness itself." 

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Goodbye is a word that we use so many times in our lives, often more than once in a day. 'God be with you' is what it really means, and as we say that word, we bless the other person good things that only god can provide us with. But even as a well-wishing, goodbyes can be so difficult at times; in essence you are really sending off the person, leaving their welfare in gods hands because it is something that you can no longer contribute to. Sometimes it is only for a few hours, a few days or even a few years, but it always comes with the uncertainty that the period of absence may never end. To never see again the person you care so deeply for is by no means heartbreaking, but if nothing else u know that god is with them; someone u can trust to care for them..

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Celebrating Womanhood - For the Woman She is


Her mind follows where her heart takes her.More than that, she knows where it leads to.Under the diamond-studded night sky, she pens down her childhood moments. Flippin' thru that college diary, her iris smirks watching her teenage crushs' name pass by. Her barbie house still makes her carefully attendant about the interiors of her own house. Her favorite crayon box is kept away hidden in the cupboard. Little things matter. She goes into details. And so, she makes you feel special- in every way you never knew you were- and smiles back more so often just to let us know, that she is there for you.


Daddy is her best friend. For she remembers the evenings when they both listened to Bon Jovi. The twinkle of the stars can make her phrase a song, just like that. She is a fitness freak, knowing it matters to carry oneself well to feel that extra tinge of goodness. The walls know that she is the only one who can splash exact colors on them more better than anyone.The flowers in the vase watch her lazy look in the Sunday mornings while she still cuddles up the linen on bed. Her cascade of tresses opens up like a waterfall make the nearby air intoxicating. And her obvious smile just draws the only curve that can set things straight.


Worlds changed around her. People changed. She changed too but emotions weren't turned into rust. She just wanted to runaway from things that held her back. She broke those chains of labels and typicality. She waited for him to return. With all faith and hope, her love never saw a winter fog. She still stands strong, facing against the winds of fallen poets. Her baby's cackle warms up her cold arms. She earned her survival more than the blasphemous beings uprising against them. The tears of joy she shed while you hit homerun, defines 'love' in an amazingly simplified way. Lunch and dinner never got a holiday for she made sure none of you missed it.


Deserves she.More than she gets.
Ought to have she.More than she has.
Selfless love is she.More than the verbiage in scripts.
Rise all to her.More tall than you can reach for.
Applaud her.More that you do cause it is her day.

Stand back.Take a bow.
For the hand that rocks the cradle.
Celebrating Womanhood.
For her,we will.

P.s. On this wonderful day of the International Women's Day, i just sat down to write down a tribute to the 'Woman' of today's world.Thoughts collected over instances sprawling all cliche situations that she has to encounter in her everyday life to little things that we overlook,i thought to gather it all.For all the women of today, its a salute from me for being all that you are.

Happy Women's Day.Let the world celebrate YOU.

Saturday, March 6, 2010


When you realize that a person is like you in so many aspects.
Do you like them because of the similarities, 
or detest them because you now know their ugliness of character 
a lot better than other people?

Thursday, March 4, 2010

1-Year-Old Teaches Me To Stop And Smell The Roses

Life's greatest lessons are usually taught by your parents and grandparents. They are also learned unconsciously growing up from your own personal experiences. It can happen on any average, ordinary day. Even if much of what we learn occurs early in life, we never really stop learning even as we grow older. I found that to be true the other day when my 1-year-old cousin taught me, or should I say reminded me, of one of life's greatest lessons. The lesson is simple, beautiful and very true...stop and smell the roses.

Everyone has heard of the phrase "stop and smell the roses", but if for some odd reason you haven't, let me explain. It means you shouldn't rush thru life and not take a moment to actually stop, look around and enjoy the simple things that the world has to offer. Take a moment to pause, reflect and be grateful for the beauty that surrounds you. Working your ass off setting goal after goal and creating numerous to-do lists is not always the most important and pressing thing you should be focusing on. Sometimes you need to just stop and smell the roses for a change. If you don't, you may wakeup one day an old man or woman, regretting all the time that flew by while you rushed around so much instead of actually enjoying your youth. Time is precious and as you get older I think you tend to realize that more. Right now I know that is true, but I don't feel I can really understand it like someone say my Grandmother's age can. What is funny is that my Grandmother could preach that saying to me and I could nod and agree, but it doesn't sink in until I see someone so much YOUNGER than myself actually showing me.

I visited my Uncle last weekend and in their backyard they have a rose bush. Me and my cousin, We are playing outside, I'm kicking a ball to her and helping her ride a mini-bike, when all of a sudden she spots the roses. Her attention is immediately drawn to the flowers and away from me and the toys. She walked/wobbled over to one of the lower hanging vines and stopped to reach for a single rose to pull towards her face. Of course I panicked for a second when I saw her reach for the roses because they are covered in thorns, but for whatever reason she managed not to get even the smallest of scrapes. I watched her close her eyes and sniff in the sweet scent. After breathing in her first smell of roses, she turned around and smiled at me.

I think that is all I need to say to make my point. So as you are rushing thru yet another Monday morning of pure madness, perhaps you will keep this story in mind. More importantly, may you be reminded of one of life's greatest lessons that even a baby is aware of and can teach us all.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wise Wednesday

"It is interesting how truth, which can lighten burdens so much, is sometimes not worth its own weight."