Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Moon

When I first watched Twilight, I thought it was shit.  Then two nights ago I watched New Moon and I thought it was shit, maybe even shittier. I mean, they probably made so much money off the first movie that they could have gotten a better director to push these so-called actors andactresses to act better.  

Honestly, I didn't think the book was awesome either other than the story.  All the characters are too annoying and immature, I mean half the time, Bella has no idea what she wants and it clearly shows how girls are just lost in real life.  Jacob is just an immature boy who turns into a wolf and Edward is just kinda sissy.  The story was smart, making people think that humans can live with vampires and wolves and find love in between. But Taylor was really hot for a 17 year old boy and apparently put on 15 pounds for this role.   

Anyway, I wouldn't recommend anyone this movie unless you want to see Taylor's abs cause it's the only part worth seeing. 


Anonymous said...

I so agree with this post! :( It was such a disappointment, blah. Anyway, I'm now following you :) Really liking your blog. xxx

Palwasha N. Minhas said...

I know everyone made it such a big deal they took it for granted. They are just making money.

Anyways, Gives us another good material to write about. Thank you for liking it. :D

Do come back and thank you for following! :D