Monday, February 1, 2010

Love or something like it..

A moment,
Just a moment,
In your arms;
A look,
Just one look,
Is all I need,
To remind me,
What I want;
To help me,
See the lilies,
The fence,
Our garden,
And us,
In a little house,
Somewhere you like.
I want the chance,
To kiss you,
Every morning,
To hug you,
Every night.
Mirrors are shallow,
I wish to see,
In your eyes,
Every single day.
I hope,
To make you smile.
I vow,
To steal your pain.
I love,
The idea of loving,


Anonymous said...

Hey Pall...,

You sound terrific in describing love. One can feel the real intensity and beauty in you. The best reply I can give you is .....

You know I got this feeling that I just can’t hide
I try to tell you how I feel
I try to tell you but I’m me
Words don’t come easily
When you get close I share them

I watch you when you smile
I watch you when you cry
And I still don’t understand
I can’t find the way to tell you

I wish I was your lover
I wish that you were mine
Baby I got this feeling
That I just can’t hide

Don’t try to run away
There’s many things I wanna say
No matter how it ends
Just hold me when I tell you

Oh I need is a miracle
Oh baby all I need is you
All I need is a love you give
Oh baby all I need is you
Baby you

Just wanna be your lover
Just wanna be the one
Let me be the lover
Let me be the one
Yeah Yeah
I Wish I Was Your Lover...

Thanks to Enrique Iglesias who sung it so beautiful and touched many hearts. May One day you get this sung by your beloved on his knees. Dont worry my dear friend that day is near......

miku said...

That was beautiful :D

Yet said...

Wow. That was moving. I'm so happy I saw this post!! I'm loving your creativity...and most of all...i love what your poem said...i makes me think of my BF

Kamal :) said...

In the mist of our life,
Lies somewhere the blurred image of love,
The passion of togetherness,
Leads me to the discovery of thyself,
Your love brings me death,
And here I stand dying each moment.
In the known,
In the manifest,
In the existence, and in immortality
I live to die each day,
Bring me to you, Bring me to life..
Rest me to death ...

10 Pints & A Curry

EVA said...

AWESOME! You said everything!

Americanising Desi said...

awwwwwwwwwwwwww beautiful!!!

Kanwalful said...

Wow... such passion.

Palwasha N. Minhas said...

Thank you so much guys ! :D

Sonya Jay said...

Uff!! awesome would be understatement. This is amazingly cute and romantic. A feeling I can so relate to. Your guy is one lucky man. Hope he loves you back with the same intensity.

Leeann said...

Love your blog header!

P.S. Greetings from 20sb :)