Tuesday, January 19, 2010


By now you've heard about the earthquake in Haiti, but have you seen the quotes that CNN is running across their homepage?  This one just caught me and broke my heart:

"Port-au-Prince is devastated, lots of deaths. SOS. SOS ... Temporary field hospital ... needs supplies, pain meds, bandages. Please help us."

I'm cancelling the post I had planned for today and asking you to help instead.  Melisa pointed out that most Haitians live on $2 a day, so your $5 could really do something.

Please donate to the Red CrossUNICEF (to help the children of Haiti) or Mercy Corps,

Please do whatever you can, anything at all.  Also, please consider using your blog today to encourage your readers to help.


Chanel said...

I'm so happy to see posts about haiti and the terrible diaster. I made a blog post about it too. you should check it out. :) Your blogs looks nice. I won't have my new layout until the 29th. :(

Palwasha N. Minhas said...

Aww.. Its 23rd already. You wouldn't have to wait for long. :)

Thank you for stopping by. Do come back. :)