Saturday, December 26, 2009

What is love?

A few days ago, my cousin received a text message that says, "What is love?" She replied, "Love is blind". Something we all have heard all our lives. Then she asked me, that what I think love is. I kept thinking but couldn't come up with something that could truly describe love. I've been in love all my life; have experienced all kind of love for everything. Love for food, love for shopping, love for writing, love for reading, photography, love for my parents, friend and for that someone special. Yet, I failed at describing what love actually is.
A friend once said, "Love is an addiction", I don't think so, Addiction, In any form is a negative action. Whereas, Love is all about being pure and positive. So, what can possibly describe love?
Love is listening even when you have thousand words to say, Love is when you let people act themselves. Love is acceptance, Love is forgiveness, Love is, wanting someone to be happy even if you have to let them go, love is letting someone go when you know they can't be happy with you, It is knowing, not thinking, that you would do anything for them, including give your own life if necessary. Its being there for someone no matter what, and doing the best you can to take care of them regardless of how difficult it may be. It's willing to compromise, sacrifice, and break your habits for the good of the relationship.
Love is accepting someone for who they are, regardless of their past, their flaws, or their mistakes. Seeing someone as beautiful all the time, no matter what they physically look like, or whether they're tired, sick, dirty, and grumpy. Love is when something or someone touches your heart to the core.

Love is learning about a whole person and being able to love their flaws and shortcomings along with all the good stuff. Love is not a word or a feeling, it’s a life style.